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US-711086-A: Piston-rod packing. patent, US-711697-A: Machine for testing lungs. patent, US-712731-A: Incandescent gas-burner. patent, US-713098-A: Lamp-burner attachment. patent, US-715319-A: Locomotive steam-boiler. patent, US-716525-A: Detachable gear for transfer-presses. patent, US-716547-A: Toy gun. patent, US-716754-A: Friction-clutch. patent, US-717527-A: Steam or hot-water heater. patent, US-718089-A: Process of recovering precious metals from mattes containing them. patent, US-718694-A: Fluid-pressure-regulating valve. patent, US-719502-A: Dressing for waterproof covers or tarpaulins. patent, US-720252-A: Steam-boiler cleaner. patent, US-720362-A: Railway-rail stay. patent, US-72207-A: Improvement in summer-fuknaoes patent, US-722642-A: Carpet-sweeper. patent, US-72397-A: jambs patent, US-727578-A: Electric time-switch. patent, US-729558-A: Cable-tramway. patent, US-731803-A: Running-gear for vehicles. patent, US-734318-A: Safety-catch for elevators. patent, US-735869-A: Method of collecting gums from trees. patent, US-735972-A: Hotel-register. patent, US-736186-A: Extension-shoe. patent, US-736266-A: Gas-heated comb. patent, US-736594-A: Floor-scraper. patent, US-74095-A: Cards patent, US-741074-A: Twine-holder. patent, US-741305-A: Axle. patent, US-742766-A: Sheep-shears. patent, US-742973-A: Separable gun-carriage. patent, US-743942-A: Ratchet-wrench. patent, US-744633-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-747000-A: Rein-roll. patent, US-747183-A: Mechanism for sorting types, &c. patent, US-747603-A: Wheel-gage. patent, US-748104-A: Combined cream-separator and churn. patent, US-748654-A: Fish-trap patent, US-749851-A: Calculator patent, US-750123-A: Nose-ring for animals patent, US-750191-A: Gustav holle and clayton stevenson patent, US-750340-A: Fkitz bissing patent, US-750363-A: Opening attachment for doors patent, US-750391-A: Sheet-music turner patent, US-750403-A: Wmihinc patent, US-75149-A: William b patent, US-752040-A: compton patent, US-753486-A: Island patent, US-754621-A: Bicycle-gearing. patent, US-755272-A: Changeable sign. patent, US-756708-A: Photographic apparatus. patent, US-757357-A: Dynamo brush-holder. patent, US-75831-A: bailey patent, US-759780-A: Escapement mechanism for type-writers. patent, US-761396-A: Rope-socket. patent, US-761578-A: Attachment for ruffling and sewing machines. patent, US-761822-A: Curtain-fixture. patent, US-766567-A: Match-making machine. patent, US-767836-A: Locket. patent, US-76809-A: Truman pipee patent, US-769090-A: Revolving field for electric generators or motors. patent, US-769153-A: Lumber-handling apparatus. patent, US-77000-A: Chaeles h patent, US-770504-A: Cross-head for locomotives patent, US-770764-A: Automatic revolving advertising and showing machine. patent, US-77164-A: Joshua beiggs patent, US-772760-A: Method of promoting combustion of fuel. patent, US-772969-A: Garment-supporter. patent, US-77399-A: Improved packing foe carriage-shackles patent, US-774657-A: Bathing apparatus. patent, US-774827-A: Machine for priming cartridge-shells. patent, US-77654-A: James raney patent, US-776597-A: Press. patent, US-77662-A: Stephen scotton patent, US-778169-A: Crank-axle, axletree, or the like. patent, US-778683-A: Heating-drum for oil-stoves. patent, US-779998-A: Process of making hydrochloric acid. patent, US-780382-A: Panoramic camera. patent, US-78039-A: allison patent, US-781060-A: Book-stack. patent, US-781366-A: Safety appliance for elevators. patent, US-781713-A: Milk-pail holder. patent, US-781879-A: Gas-burner. patent, US-782409-A: Friction spring draft-rigging. patent, US-782983-A: Wrench. patent, US-784689-A: Holding device for switch points or tongues. patent, US-785582-A: Tent. patent, US-786944-A: Vapor-burning stove. patent, US-787206-A: Adjustable saddletree. patent, US-788522-A: Apparatus for operating and controlling railway points, signals, crossing-gates, &c. patent, US-789118-A: Composite boot or shoe. patent, US-790040-A: Combined settee or sofa and billiard or pool table. patent, US-790369-A: Sprouting apparatus. patent, US-791543-A: Chuck and feed mechanism. patent, US-792996-A: Fly-trap. patent, US-799409-A: Machine for forming the side seams of sheet-metal bodies. patent, US-799620-A: Voting-machine. patent, US-801525-A: Music-leaf turner. patent, US-801534-A: Jack-arm. patent, US-804701-A: Pneumatic tire. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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